L&C Volume 3

Volume 3 (2011)

Issue 2

Why subject relatives prevail: Constraints versus constructional licensing

Cecily Jill Duffield and Laura A. Michaelis

Metaphors in the description of seizure experiences: Common expressions and differential diagnosis

Leendert Plug, Basil Sharrack, and Markus Reuber

From text-linguistics to literary actants - The force dynamics of (emotional) vampirism

Michael Kimmel

Metaphor, hyperbole and simile: A pragmatic approach

Robyn Carston and Catherine Wearing

Verbs in the lexicon: Why is hitting easier than breaking?

Gail McKoon and Jessica Love


Gaëtanelle Gilquin. Corpus, cognition and causative constructions. John Benjamins.

Reviewed by Dylan Glynn

Hanna Pishwa (ed.). Language and social cognition: Expression of the social mind. Mouton de Gruyter.

Reviewed by Karolina Krawczak


Issue 1

Embodied semantic processing: The body-object interaction effect in a non-manual task

Michele Wellsby, Paul D. Siakaluk and William J. Owen and P. Pexman

I'm "better" than you: Social comparison language produces apparent assimilation and contrast effects

Amber Bloomfield and Jessica Choplin

Low carbon diet: Reducing the complexities of climate change to human scale

Brigitte Nerlich, Vyv Evans and Nelya Koteyko

Property generation reflects word association and situated simulation

Ava Santos, Sergio E. Chaigneau, W. Kyle Simmons and Lawrence W. Barsalou

Communicating temporal information about autobiographical events

Christopher Burt

When time is not space: The social and linguistic construction of time intervals and temporal event relations in an Amazonian culture

Chris Sinha, Vera Da Silva Sinha, Jörg Zinken and Wany Sampaio