Representative topics in the journal include:

Methodological topics

  • Interdisciplinary methods of investigations in the linguistic and cognitive sciences (as related to given study topics)

Theoretical topics

  • Theories and models of language in the mind

Disciplinary topics

  • Gesture and communication
  • Psycholinguistic processing
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Origins and evolution of language and mind
  • Human linguistic and conceptual development
  • Non-human communication and cognition
  • Symbolic cognition
  • The nature of semantic and conceptual representations
  • Language, creativity and imagination
  • Figurative language and thought
  • Blending
  • Language, cognition, and behavior
  • The cognitive dimension of linguistic socialization
  • The intersection of language, thought and culture
  • Discourse and embodied practice
  • Language as a window onto cognition
  • The relationship between linguistic structure and cognitive processes
  • Language and its influences on thought

Applied topics

  • Applications of cognitive perspectives onto language for language education, therapy, translation practice, forensics, and more 

Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines attached here and submitted via Scholar One.

Book Reviews

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